Author: Garrett Crawford

Miranda Lambert, from Tennessee to Virginia, Pennsylvania and NYC

Wondering where Miranda Lambert has been lately? Because same. But now we know. She’s been everywhere, man. Lambert and her husband Brendan McLoughlin have spend the last six days on an 885-mile road trip in her 2020 Airstream Globetrotter nicknamed The Sheriff. McLoughlin’s been cooking, Lambert’s been driving, and music’s been playing. In her lengthy… Read more »

Memphis Aldean, Ada Akins and Forrest Decker Pass the Toddler Temptation Test

This must’ve been sheer torture. Not just on the children, but on the parents filming their little one’s ability to resist temptation. In what’s become known in the past few days as the #ToddlerChallenge — or more appropriately the #ToddlerTemptationChallenge — country artists have been clandestinely filming their kid’s reaction to being left alone with… Read more »